Our Objective

Our main objective is to seek for ways to improve both the political and economic position of African countries South of Sahara bearing in our minds the trajectories of Atlantic slave trade on the people and colonialism.

In the pursuit, we have evolved a model, which we think is what is required to put the countries on the right pedestal. Part of the model has been tried out in Nigeria and it worked. Nigeria being the most populous country in Africa.

The other area of our concern is the environmental sanitation situation of the people generally in Africa. Also the erosion problem in the countries within Africa and outside it. The leaders must be persuaded to start looking at these problems realistically and critically too. The population on increase and the resources may not be with us forever.




Born in Jos, Northern Nigeria year 1942.

Commenced my early school days (primary) first; at St. Paul’s Primary School and then at the Jos Township School.

Transferred to Central School Onitsha in the Eastern Nigeria between the period up to 1956 for my first school leaving Certificate.

Moved to Bishop Demiary Grammar School Yenagoa, Bayelsa State in 1957 at the end of the training, I obtained the West Africa Examination Council Certificate (WAEC) in 1961.

Passed in ‘A’ level Economics whilst working first for the Dept. of Statistics Ikoyi, Lagos and thereafter for The Ministry of Town and Country Planning, at Onitsha in 1964. Travelled to the United Kingdom in 1964 December for further studies. There I passed in two ‘A’ level subjects, Economics and British Constitutional Law, studying part-time really (my colleagues were full-time students at the period) whilst working for the Inland Revenue Dept. in London as part requirement - a precondition, for registration for my intended course of study, which is Quantity Surveying.

Between 1969 – 78 studied Building Economics otherwise Quantity Surveying shunting between Willesden College of Technology and the Polytechnic of Central London (PCL) now Westminster University Marylebone Road, London. During my training 1969 to 1978 and afterwards, I worked for various employers in the Building Industry in London - Lionel Gregory and Horsefield, Quantity Surveyors at the Strand London, G.E. Wallis Ltd. Building and Civil Engineering Contractors; used to locate in Holborn but now in Bromley, Kent and A.J. Jaggers Brothers Ltd specialised in the GLC Contracts at the period. Back in Nigeria 1980, I worked in Umenyiora & Associates, Enugu Professional Architects and Town and City Planners.

Now, have a look at my contributions and all those who have copies of my work. I spent thirteen years 1983 – 1996 even to date, in attempt to proffer incisive and viable solutions for Nigeria’s socio-economic and political problems and I succeeded almost but for the short-sightedness of both the leaders and their advisers. How the ideas or recommendations and solutions have helped to shape the reforms and programmes in Nigeria - you will find and agree in the publications that my work has been plagiarised beyond bounds but without any consideration - think about the new one ‘whistle blowers’ now being echoed in the country. They tell me that it is DEMOCRACY as seen by Nigeria authorities! Ex-President Alhj. Shehu Shagari was to hire my expertise in 1983. See letter dated 21st December 1983 on pages 317 – 323 of my main Book ‘How to get at your Government and influence it’ but for the intervention of the Military that year!

Apropos of the aims and the objectives of my publications, the question below needs to be answered by Nigerians trained and or experienced and seen in (those who belong to) the corridors of power, particularly the leadership, thus; -

Of all the possible solutions or ideas for the varied socio-economic and political problems in Nigeria/Africa, which one area of them have you or do you think you can contribute something intellectually to justify your claim - your ‘Brain Child’ in local parlance, to the status you enjoy or occupy in the system. Or, are you one of those sitting on the band-wagons [the sycophants] in the countries obviously hoping for the perquisites associated with governance in your society. It is not much about how many proficiencies you have acquired or the amount of wealth [i.e. number of cars and houses] pilfered or the amount of food and drinks you can swallow whilst in the corridors of power but what contributions (and not a cheat) can you make or have made for the growth or even more for the advancement of your society, for which you can be remembered - surely a veritable germ for ideological thinking for us in Nigeria in particular indeed!

I am saying by this aphorism above, that a new National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) motto for Nigeria should henceforward read “Non sibi sed aliis” (Not for us but mainly for others - i.e. the public you [we] serve) in place of the current totally misleading and disorienting one which is “DO AS OTHERS BEFORE YOU HAVE DONE”, which motto we all know has not helped our people any iota. Majority of them before us has cheated us, which is the problem facing us in Nigeria today, folks! Malam Ibrahim Birnin Tsaba, MON appears to agree.

Read my thinking about women’s role in public office including politics in Chapter 23 page 233 and on pages 365, 503, 547 and 571 of ‘How to get at your Government and influence it’ particularly in ‘Nigeria - survival or disintegration!’ index. Consider the time lag - they ‘naturally’ do not take bribes.

It is on record that one lady resigned her position rather than be cajoled to accept bribes whilst she was a Minister in Nigeria. This attitude undoubtedly exemplifies the innate character of women and needs to be emulated by all and sundry, folks!

Going by the chasm in our thinking in Nigeria, you don’t necessarily need to be a Ph.D. holder to advise your Government, looking at the contents of these publications. You can be a naturally created philosopher without necessarily been trained to that academic status. All you need is the kind of training and exposure to be able to present what your innate mind has told you in such manner that it may be expounded more if necessary but (of course) with commensurate consideration (not forgetting the rule) for your exactness in the subject matter, which in effect (putting all together) is - a copyright, folks!