The purpose of training and or experience is incalculable, more important is for the authorities to recognise the potentials and are disposed/willing to utilise them
after such training for political and economic growth without bias, vendetta/ vindictiveness! It is an accepted euphemism helping Europeans and America; China and the Far Eastern countries have long recognised this fact!

African political leaders gained Independence (Self Rule) first by using tribe and religion to mobilise their citizenry for the purpose; they are yet to learn the harder part of accepting change, defeat during/after elections by motivating the un-informed electorates and the prospective politicians through education and or public enlightenment as part of the essentials of DEMOCRACY!

Further hear this, what do you think about this euphemism rather depraved;
In Europe they have little or no natural resources and the climatic condition is such a cold one that it made their leaders determined to look for ways to improve the lot of their own poor people! In Africa we are endowed with outlandish natural resources but our leaders are such that rather than use such to develop their own poor, they conspired with the European leaders to corruptly misuse the proceeds from the resources to enrich themselves and their cohorts leaving their poor people in abject poverty! To a point now where it is the European leaders that are now seen coming back to Africa to rescue the situation of the poor people!
Now, tell me what do you say about this ludicrous thing happening (experience) in Africa?


As you go through the contents you’ll observe there are repeats of some of the comments it is intentional partly due to the need to repeat such so as to prod the mind of those concerned or due to need to add something to the already raised issues to explain further what the intentions are! So read it knowing that the intention is not to ridicule or abuse but to let all those it may concern to understand what we could have done or should, to repair and or avoid the problems Nigeria is bedevilled with and so save the entire people the hardships still plaguing our country! One very satisfying aspect or advantage of my comments and or publications in Nigeria, I have observed, is that we now have the following things set up or about happening in the country, thus: -

  • They have now accepted Option A-4 and are working to consolidate the advantages - as long as the accreditation is right and tight and with the new biometric application the option is capable of unravelling problems about election rigging in Nigeria - in Africa indeed! Even when you come to ‘United Africa States Dream’, Option A-4 in the Zones is the answer!
  • They have embarked on National Orientation exercise or schemes not ‘rebranding’ - this should have been initiated much earlier (better late than never they say) for prospective politicians in particular the prospective leaders, as I set it out in 1988!
  • Efforts now to get the Imams and the other religious Instructors to change their approach of teaching their adherents about who God/Allah is and for our benefits in Nigeria!
  • The resolve now to let Nigerians begin seriously to think about the common problems of their neighbours irrespective of his/her ethnicity or religion!
  • There are going to be many other areas to be initiated, I hope, and you can know these when you have become familiar with the contents and my other publications!
  • To help I will urge them to quickly consider the germ in my ‘Zoning formula, the proportional participatory representations and the need for periodic review of Revenue allocation’ - bearing in mind that it is not much about the size of the allocations but more about what was achieved with such revenues at end of the day! That is, how do we go about to take out (play down) the profligacy promoted and or encouraged in the exercise and in its place restore accountability about in Nigeria!
  • Decision for pensions payouts for retirees - rather belated; many have died due to delays and the misconceptions against paying out what could have helped in that policy of small and medium scale businesses/industries for NIGERIA, but is a step in the right direction! The delay not to pay was a despicable policy because it ended up stifling what the retirees could have done for themselves and for their families! Where is that propensity to spend talked about in economics, you might ask - how do you engender it in Nigeria if ‘you can’t pay and won’t pay’ financial entitlements to the people? Behold all the leaders responsible for the problems about failures regarding pension payout have all gotten their own pensions paid fully in spite of the loots and problems created by them about Nigeria! Think about Governor James Ibori’s case in London - the Millions involved all for himself and his family; it is unbelievable what you hear about leaders in Nigeria!
  • Leads me onto that Bank re-capitalization policy - ‘won’t pay can’t pay syndrome’ in Nigeria; I wrote earlier and said, “They have the local currency all right but not enough or such that can be used to create or sustain viable capital Manufacturing Industries in the country!” Sadly, the monies are still sitting in the vaults - some tried to borrow parts but were turned down; others bought stocks and shares with it and now they have turned to making donations with part of it, folks - talking about the ‘orientation’ and economic gearing for Nigeria! They turned the ‘liquidity ratio’ intent for use in solving the ‘acute cash flow problems’ in Nigeria into something else!
  • Corruption - it is not yet clear what the effort is here! They still have Sec. 308 in the Constitution, which every right thinking observers discover and believe is the cause of corruption in Nigeria - aiding and abetting it now in a large scale and it is now spreading/ubiquitous! You think you have got it right /under control other allegations spring up and EFCC rushes to find our if the allegations are true - worse still the allegations range in Billions now! The efforts so far seem to be a ruse! No country/economy with this kind succeeded - the rate at which it is carried on in Nigeria you wonder why the delay in scraping the Clause in the Constitution?


Budget; A systematic application/assemblage of cost criteria for designs, manufacturing and or expending processes (prioritised needs) by organisations or Governments so as to maintain in the first place, a rational and economic distributions of available or scarce resources and how these resources (mostly finance) can be re-deployed to meet the same or more expenditures under changed circumstances and under strictly monitoring conditions; in the second place!

Nigeria has not addressed ‘Liquidity factor/ratio’ that goes with budgetary problems (essential) for any economy! Your economy will remain emasculated and or stifled if you cannot find solution to this clangour for Nigeria! If you can find the solution your poverty alleviation scheme would be replaced by the multiplier effect often talked about in economics, folks!

Nigeria’s budgets both for the Central and States/LG. must be based on needs and not on want please if we shall get at that destination 2020! They must consider what I want to call Bank rate differential for the private sector! I once suggested in 1989 and 94 the use of this policy to drive the economic activities in the country.

How I wished they considered my suggestion Ref; 2263/L.IV/98 dated the 8th day of September, 1987 and 10th June 1991 to make Old Regional H. Qs MAYORIAL Status for those who had lived in the zones for over 100 years in which case it would have played down the mad ambitions in people of Nigeria with the advantage to covet (propitiate from) the hard-earned properties of their fellow Nigerians in the kind of ambition showing in Asewaju’s group in Southwest about Nigeria! Hence my reference to the fact that “…. . solutions for Nigeria’s political and in part, economic problems have been handed-in!”

In all of this, it is clear that my concern in these publications have been more about to persuade the authorities as a result of the articles featured in the ‘News papers’ listed on the front page, reporting about the failings in Nigeria, to do something for the people!

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