Obviously part of what I regard as a panacea for the varied problems in Nigeria - indeed, for Africa’s political and economic problems! See if you agree with my thinking! Not forgetting the impact the contributions have on all those with copies of them as to influence or make them to wait - the ‘intercession’ for Nigerian authorities to do something for the people after they have read and considered the effects or role the solutions could have (play) in the whole gamut of the reforms intended - the World Bodies in particular, who otherwise could have been suspicious and or condemning what we are doing in Nigeria!

What you are not doing properly politically yet and needs a review/revision before you can move from your present position to that resembling what the already developed economies did or doing in their present situations! The leaders you started with or have now are not revolutionary either in character or in outlook; worse still the culture and customs you allow to continually effect/ play part in your quest for advancement take a chunk out of that stimuli that engenders economic and political progress for countries - burgeoning economies! We know that you have been reminded about this flaw but for the megalomania in Nigeria, we have remained in the higgledy-piggledy position, folks!

Think if you can name leaders under the colonials who had investments or accounts outside their countries even whilst they were still managing your political and economic affairs as Colonial masters! Not one of them even now, has account outside their countries - a big contrast/crime to what your leaders are discovered involved in - the ruling by the Code of Conduct Tribunal just confirmed this observation in the EFCC v Tinubu case! Now, and think about the signal or the precedent sent across the land, folks! See what you do not know is happening to you - an impediment really for your progress. In Europe and the U.S. leaders keep their monies earned in ‘one basket’ within their countries, so to speak, whereas Nigerians keep theirs in more than ‘one basket’ - the almost empty one is in Nigeria and the others somewhere outside in Europe! Now the adverse effect of this is that, all their accruable monies are left in their countries it makes them perform in a manner so as to preserve those savings, whereas in Nigeria, because yours is scattered in Europe it does not allow for that concentration in your leaders to supervise the affairs of the people including themselves hence the problem you have and will continue to be under such pressure until you see the advantages in that European approach!

The aim of this publication therefore, is to help play or prod the minds of your prospective leaders and politicians to seek for ways to begin to make amends about their ways of approach to our problems having lived in the awkward environment we have for this long - i. e. for a move away from the present thinking and the inertia (attitude) in our obvious backward environments! So it is not much about abuse but largely to persuade -A wake up call really for those who want to be in leadership position to begin to think rationally in all our dealings about the people we are left to preside over their public affairs not to cheat but to help in their welfare and protection such that we can promote enduring legacies for the people! For us to look for ways to achieve high moral grounds in the so-called leaders! The ruling for Osiwaju therefore, may mean opening a ‘flood gate’ for Nigerians and will serve as a relieving news in fact! You will not believe this - a solution had been passed on about this problem much earlier but, as usual, they will not call you to explain/expatiate the idea! Like the Option A-4 - what we practice in Nigeria is ‘Management by default!’ Before you know it, huge sums of money have been siphoned outside the country and we go and felicitate with the accused persons! Sadly they are all PhD holders in Political Science and Economists!

I noticed that the gearing for our politics and economics is not properly conceived due to many factors one of which was the canny chicanery or machinations deliberately employed by a few to malign sections of the country! The way to repair or get out of the quagmire is through this kind of contribu-tions from every able Nigerian who has such solutions and ready to offer them for the benefit of all of the people! You’ll think that somebody with this kind of thinking and contacts - authentic not faked, would be seen somewhere in the corridors of power in Nigeria but he is not - it tells also, about not only the misnomer in the thinking about what you can do or how to arrive successfully in any project or idealism, but about the vindictiveness and or myopic disposition of those in authority!

Now, looking up the National Honours list, you find that majority of the recipients have no physical contributions showing for Nigeria other than for their PhDs (on paper some acquired through the same honorary bestowal also) but then how have these solved the problems we have in the country? What tangible contributions, if any, can we identify them with in Nigeria? After all we know how some of these proficiencies were acquired - mostly by submissions of dissertation based on imaginary, fictitious scenarios or research work some of which on presumptions! I am not against possession of (how or who has attained/acquired) the status, my concern or worry is that even with such proficiencies our problems in Nigeria, for example, have remained and multiplies in lips and bounds such that you sometimes wonder what is the matter in Nigeria - what is going wrong in Nigeria even under the noses of these PhD holders? It is not only because they (leaders) have no advisers or that the advisers have not done their bit (advised properly) but because of the inertia plaguing those in authority! You find that they deliberately decline to take such advice given obviously due to that conflict of interests in Nigeria? The answer must be found within this kind of submission! Hence you’ll notice that some of my comments have been repeated number of times - it is intentional so as to prod the mind, which you’ll agree goes dim sometimes in individuals so, by the repeats he or his colleagues may agree with what you have put across (suggested) for use against the problems posed and hopefully call for his attention!

One curious observation and it is baffling to me, you will probably see it in these presentations, is the fact that my contacts with some of those that matter and in authority in Nigeria found it reluctant to acknowledge my papers to them even though my ideas have been adopted for the problems existing in the country! The one typical is the Option A-4, which solution the military authority urgently and consciously canvassed for at the period! Even up to 2010 I had written publicly in these comments; not once not twice but over three times praying that the Commission INEC returned to it, to no avail until the Governor for Anambra State vowed that it was what should (must) be used in his 2nd term contest for the Gubernatorial election in March 6th 2010! It worked for him and no sooner the same system was adopted for the Delta State re-run, which again worked perfectly thus persuading the Chairman of the Commission to decide that the system was the way forward for elections in Nigeria! As we go to the press no response or commendation has been received from any of the authorities! Somebody said to me, they are probably wondering lethargically, how can you (Vincent) produce such solutions considering your position and status in life - without that article PhD attached to your name! What I am saying; is this fair for what we are looking for in Nigeria, folks? It is absurd to say the least, if you consider the other recipients of my work and the acknowledgements from each one of them - for example from; Bill Gates, U. N. O. for the problems in Africa! This fact is verifiable if you ask to see the proves; there are many of these and authentic! I am sure you will be less surprised from this attitude found prevalent in the authorities, if you discover that even the solutions for both the structure and repairs of our highways in Nigeria had been, in the same like manner, submitted to them and nothing said or done, and we want to get to that 2020 – 20 great expectations!

This brings me onto the political issue of ‘zoning’ for Nigeria, the aim here is to try and repair the mundane and obviously disdainful approach to the leadership mistakes made during the military interregnum about the Constitutional arrangements particularly in that Council of State representation! Another is the ‘revenue allocation’, which looks as if the present thinking is more about to stifle the economic and so political efforts in Nigeria than encourage it, particularly in the States! Nigeria has 19 States to the North 17 to the South (West and the East put together) making the total of 36 States plus ABUJA! You can easily see the disparity - depicting/confirming that upper hand (Head start) idea I raised earlier! Now, if you can see the thinking (germ) in my ‘zoning formula’, just like the Option A-4 - the cost effect; importantly, giving us the chance to restore quality and capacity in our leadership cadre so that those retired but not tired citizens of Nigeria can still be deployed in that level of our politicking! Consider the time it took for the authority, and the names of those with my publication on these issues, to accept/see the advantages - 1993 to 2010/11, you can understand where I stand in the solutions finding for Nigeria! From the political setting, you can see that the North has the greater chunk of the Revenue collectable or ‘disbursable’ followed by the West yet the bulk of it comes from the East! Surprisingly, in the political stricture, the East is the least represented (the underdog) in the NSS and in every other ways! Worse still is in that top cadre of the Presidency - 8 altogether from the North with own advisers; 2 - No, One in effect from the West, and only ‘One’ by that ‘doctrine of necessity’ in Dr. G. E. Jonathan from the East, as it were, since 1966!


A disclaimer and for caution for those who may appear to be overzealous persons associated/named on the production and the advisers who may be approached for their opinions on the production of the publications! The work is about public general concerns!

To know that this work was undertaken by intuition to prove something for the doubting Thomases in societies such that we have in Nigeria! That there could be solutions to every problems caused or created by humans or natural in any society if only the minds are prodded and such minds have been trained and or naturally -‘spiritually’ motivated and responding to such stimuli unabashed! So, in effect, what he has done is to help those in authority in Africa particularly in Nigeria to sit back sometimes and make a self-assessment or soul search of themselves as to how they can attain that moral high ground/level talked about human beings so as to help their fellow men and women under their care!

He is not a PhD holder by academic design nevertheless, he is a philosopher by natural calling - by clairvoyance, as you can see from the presentations; reason if you put any of the solutions proffered on this publication to test in areas they relate you’ll find that the problems will disappear or cease to be! Typical is that Option A-4 submitted to the authority in 1991/92 and tried first in 1993 it worked perfectly; after the reluctance to use it since that date. They returned to it in 6th March 2010 for Anambra State Governor’s election and for the April 2011 general elections - no doubt it worked like magic in both exercise - the election results were swiftly determined, considering the number of the electorates, to the amazement of even the International observers! Other areas you’ll find his contributions include the re-capitalisation of Banks and the monthly environmental sanitation in Nigeria! They are still dithering on the policy of liquidity ratio even though it is a major problem - won’t pay can’t pay syndrome in the set up! Therefore the intention is not to hurt anybody but to hopefully prod the minds of those in authority and the average Nigerian generally through the orientation he has always harped on, through these presentations also! It is by Act of God by observations and whilst in his Dreams, that he was able to come up with such enervating and or deep seated/soul searching but penetrative solutions for the problems discussed in the books!

He believes there could be a lot more people so concerned and can be motivated in their fields of endeavours or studies in societies to help those in authority to arrive at compatible economic and political solutions that will ultimately impact on their social well being through this same approach or method! All issues dealt with in this presentation relate to the public and not private affairs of anybody so he wants to arrogate all the glory from this work to God!

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