Solutions that influenced the 1983 – 2000 TO DATE Nigerian Governments.

Dialogues between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the author as a result of the national appeals from both the Civilian and Military Heads of State for solutions on issues bordering on political and economic reforms for Nigeria from 1983 to year 2005.

(My memoir - my own contributions).

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Part One; Social, psychological and of general interest.

Chapter 1
For the likely investors from the U.S. and Europe including the Far Eastern countries. Page 27
Chapter 2
To whom it may concern. Page 33
Chapter 3
Evolving a viable deterrent for Nigeria’s public servants and the politicians; solutions for the coup malady. Correlates with the aims and the objectives of the Federal Government’s 2003 Code of Ethics for Ministers, foremost and more exerting if we want to eredicate the canker warm. Page 35
Chapter 4
Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) and Banking procedures in Nigeria; the effects on the private sector. Page 43
Chapter 5
Nationalistic tendencies for Nigerians; what it will call for. Page 47
Chapter 6
Military or Civilian administration; which one for Nigeria? Page 50
Chapter 7
Brain Drain - the Nigeria case; most probably the genesis of the challenges for Nigerian School Leavers. Page 55
Chapter 8
Reasons for the poor advancements in African countries and Reparations for all in the Diaspora - published in the National News Paper, 1992. Page 58

Republic of Zimbabwe - the uproar in the political scenario in year 2002. Page 66

Commonwealth. Page 72

Republic of Uganda - the possible derailments, from my own perspectives! Page 72

Chapter 9
Socio-economic and political realities for Nigeria Published 28th March, 1993 and the 11th April, 1993 Daily Star News Paper, Enugu Nigeria. Page 85
Chapter 10
The Hon. Minister of Finance; copy to the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria. Page 90
Chapter 11
Hon. Minister of Labour and Productivity. Page 105
Chapter 12
Secretary for State; Federal Ministry of Agriculture. Page 106
Chapter 13
The High Commissioner for Jamaica on Reparations. Page 108

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