Part Three; Political solutions and ideas. Page 176

Chapter 15
The ban on politicians and their cohorts. Page 177
Chapter 16
Probable preoccupation of NEC - Part of the Option A4. The Chairman National Electoral Commission. The maiden petition to NEC Chairman - the irony in the orchestrated/avowed Open Door Policy in Nigeria, 1986 - 1993. Page 179
Chapter 17
Nigeria’s socio-economic and political Doldrums - Published in Sunday Star, Enugu, Nigeria, 1992. Page 201
Chapter 18
What we need to know about the civil war of Nigeria. Page 206
Chapter 19
State Creation in Nigeria. Read Sen. J. Aminu’s observations in his ‘One on One’ NTA 9/8/07. Page 214
Chapter 20
Dichotomy in Nigeria political scene. Page 218
Chapter 21
Leadership imbroglio in Nigeria; published in Daily Star, Enugu, 1992. Page 220
Chapter 22
Beware of the Over-zealous Nigerians in politics; Ditto Daily Star, Enugu 1992 Page 225
Chapter 23
What Nigeria needs in the trying moments. Page 230

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