Part Six; Construction Development. Page 604.

Chapter 34
The building - need for cost saving devices and methods generally for Nigeria. Page 604
Chapter 35
Civil Engineering re; Federal Roads; Federal Ministry of Works and Housing [De-watering the Highways]. Page 613
Chapter 36
Erosions here, erosions there, everywhere erosion problems; what is the way out? Page 662
Chapter 37
Lagos Metropolis and the state of the Bar-Beach and floodwater problems Page 665

The Enigma [things to consider for the future economic and political developments for Africa]. Page 666

Proposed Model for politicking for Africa. Page 673

The Epilogue generally. Page 678

Appendices A & B - to tell the meaning of words/phrases; photos and illustrations pertaining to the entire production; also the postal registration slips showing the dates of postings. Page 684
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Calcium sulphates, magnesium, potassium and the sodium radicals - these abound in the country indiscriminately and all of them will react with the tricalcium aluminate compounds in the cement or the hydraulic lime which in turn gives you calcium sulphate-aluminates, i.e. 3Ca0a1203.xCaS04.yH20.; this particular reaction (efflorescence) or compound is part of the problem affecting the asphalt surface finish on our roads in Nigeria! You must think about solutions for it so as to check the drain/leakage on your annual budgets; you can find it in this book, folks!

Image Of Damage To Nigerian Asphalt Road After Rain Season
Image Of Lorry On Nigerian Asphalt Road

Weighbridges will not necessarily help to stop highways, the type we have in Nigeria, to collapse. Highways should be durable for use under any weather condition particularly where your rail-lines are not functional as it should. Weigh-bridges are used to collect revenue from over loaded juggernauts on highways.

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