Lagos – Ibadan highway No 6

Written Diagram of Road Issues
Road problem illustrated on Nigerian road with cars
Nigerian Highway to Hell black and white image of road problem

South-West governors on Thursday 5th June 2012 met behind closed doors with President G. Jonathan on the state of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and other infrastructure in the area! Although the photo is showing ‘shoulder section’ of the road, if you look closely to the right at the arrow you could see that there is a patch showing that a pothole has/ beginning to formed in the area and could have formed in parts, along the entire stretch like what is showing in the bottom photo - it is a commonplace phenomenon on Enugu - Port Harcourt/ Onitsha highways! I suggested that they take a leaf from the Specifications for Old Asaba - Benin highway before the dualization! For the Onitsha New Bridge they should recall DUMEZ Plc or its present Representatives that built it to jointly help out! They still have the fact and or ideas about the zone!

See the treachery and or irony in the psychology of Nigerian public office holders; The Director General of the Ministry in his office asked me to look at the Lagos - Ibadan highway and report back to his office! I did this and reported back in my letter dated 11th January 1982 personally; on 2nd June I sent a letter by registered post and another reminder on maintenance of Federal highways dated 23rd August all in that year 1982! They did not acknowledge any of the first two but did for the 23rd August - see their letter Ref. WR. 10229/27.Vol.111/524 dated 18th October 1982 Sign. & another Ref; 10229/9AT/17 dated 13th September 1984 and Signed also!

I sometimes wonder if they are ever pre-occupied queried about how highways are built in Europe and the U.S. and China that they last and ast and with such smooth finished tops with reflecting dividing lanes and cat eyes to show how organised and properly trained and concerned you are such that even in time of repairs/maintenance works they still use the stretches/carriage ways and not the shoulders as we are often minded to in Nigeria, damaging the road sides in the wake of such practice - wheel-rot, a commonplace in Nigeria!

Clearly a vindication of what was discussed in the correspondences listed above! Like said already the problems in Nigeria is not much about no solutions for the varied problems we have but more about; Who do you tell or complain to and he/she is willing to act! The same goes for the other problems including the over touted corruption issues in Nigeria! Solutions have been handed in but only God knows why they are reluctant to accept them, folks! Typifies what I explained above more clearly for the Engineers in the Ministry of Works to find solutions for as I suggested already! Aside the problem of efflorescence and leaching aggravated/encouraged through hire cracks as a result of subsidence occurring frequently on Nigeria’s highways which in turn cause the numerous potholes, edgings and appropriate drainage become a marked feature lacking that should help stop wheel rot on the roads also! Since they employ their friends and relations - party faithfuls, we cannot stay idly by and let the public continue to suffer as a result of the myopic thinking in Nigerian leaders, folks!

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