To say that all photos personal or physical & correspondences in the publications are culled, courtesy for public interest, education, enlightenment/
illustrations as do media-practitioners (men and women) regard - in compliance with Freedom of Information Bill (F.o.I.) in Nigeria!

The idea in my publications is to prompt/rekindle the rusty sinuses in individual elite in Nigeria and Africa indeed, to begin to act rationally so as to arrive at that moral high ground in leaders for their economies to succeed in the ideals or gaols they set for themselves! All in the auspicious spirit of that J. F. Kennedy’s philosophy to always; “Think about what you can do for your country and not what your country can do for you always!” In the same vein I hope that the leaders can recognise those willing/disposed to contribute to the growth anticipated and are ready to not only acknowledge but encourage such individuals irrespective of their tribe or creed!

To stay idly by if you have the solutions, in whatever field of your profession or career, and not do something as I have in my publications to help your society or country but rather steal their money (monetary currencies) is delusional/diabolical to say the least, folks! It is comparable to a ‘National building’ on fire and you get into it pilfering the chattels/ artefacts unashamedly than look for ways to save them for posterity!

Reading through this publication, I want you to think about, the scope, the concerns or the pre-occupation shown in the making of it and the others like it by me and then to understand the reasons behind the pre-occupation which you can see that, in spite of the foregone information, under here lies the contents, aims and objectives of the publication! The idea being whilst I or you may not be in the corridors of power, as you have well noticed, those who are in or outside it, but have something to do with the Nigerian authorities - friends of Nigeria, and have copies of my publications may well be disposed or influenced (motivated) to impress or suggest on the authorities in Nigeria, to try out my solutions if they consider such compatible with what we are looking for the problems in Nigeria - indeed for other economies in Africa also! Read letters on page 32.

Aside what is contained in the foregoing preambles here are what the unique contents are for this publication thus: -

1. The aim of the book and part preamble of it Page 1
2.The objective of itPage 3
3.What the model is about with preamble to it Page 6
4.Correspondences to prove the model; the Prime Minister U.K.
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
U.K. and the UNO.
Page 11
5.An eulogyPage 13
6.The model incorporating how to deal with corruption Page 14
7.The leadership cart for NigeriaPage 22
8.Zoning map to show my thinking for Nigeria Page 23
9.Option A-4 with its formula originated in 1991/2 used for 1993 election Page 26
10.Correspondences to explain what it is all about
Page 35
11.Presidency and Administrative set-up Page 36
12.Historiography to show the diagram of the administration as illustration Page 36
13.President Barack Obama’s First inauguration Page 37
14.Advantages of the modelPage 38
15.Attention of Provisional Council under Gen. Abacha & future actions. Page 43
16.Proposed New economic model for Nigeria Page 45
17.Obasanjo’s proposed revolution for Nigeria whether it is necessary Page 47
18.More of the correspondences for Nigerian Authorities Page 50
19.What Constitution is all about and should be for Nigeria Page 55
20.Response to President Umaru Yar’Adua’s address on the Constitution. Page 61
21.President B. Obama to serve as an inspiration for leaders. Page 68
22.To say that this is not a threat but rather a notification of what is not going right in Nigeria regarding my publications here climaxed!Page 68
23.The Gens. gathered - old mavericks for book launch! - 19th July 2013Page 75
24.Nndi Igbo can bring Nigeria to a halt if…, Chief Amaechi July 22nd 2013.Page 80
25.Chief A. Nzeribe on Igbo Presidency not feasible in 2015 - 22nd July 2013Page 84
26.The problem with Nigeria is multifaceted everybody knows that, folks!Page 87
27.The canny irony in Nigeria, where you propose solutions to problems nobody shows such interest desirable through acknowledgement of the contacts made to the authorities even though such solutions are compatible to deal with the prevailing circumstances; you soon discover that they lift the solutions behind your back (plagiarised unashamedly) without consultation and we end up not solving the problems as we should otherwise if you were part of the team trying to solve them on their own with the hired advisers and aides!Page 96
28.The bitter truth about Igbos - 10th Aug 2013 by Fani Kayode Page 122
29.Nwabueze to Jonathan: Be a national hero, don’t contest 2015 election - Aug. 30, 2013Page 146
30.How PDP has blessed Nigeria - Jonathan - 1st Sept. 2013 Page 151

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