This is to be accepted as heralding the germ for any meaningful growth for us in Nigeria regarding corruption and the need for the deployment of coercive management of the affairs of the people in Nigeria, which should be complementary to the efforts for the reforms. It is not surprising therefore that we have been in the DULDRUMS all this while - you wonder then how you can ever develop without (devoid of) this all important impetus in the set-up! I am told that Gen. Tunde Idiagbon would have made a ‘good meal’ of it about us with this book. 41 Pages.

The major problem of Nigeria is hinged on the composition of the Council of State where you have the dominance of ex-Heads of State (Military) who are responsible for the economic and political failures of Nigeria - for us to succeed in Nigeria there should (needs to) be a shift from this paradigm! I don’t know where we got the idea - musketry! Making themselves overlords about the atrocious and corruptible domains (cartels) created by them through the mistakes in Nigeria! The arrangement leaves your problems compartmental through the unwholesome partnership - an Oligarchy, each, with his own aftermath of the problems yet encompassive characterised by the adage - “Business as usual” for Nigeria! Gen. Abacha would have been part of this microcosm! Now, consider the effect of the said cabal in the Yar’Adua’s health saga regarding the political and administrative setting in the country to understand my thinking here!

It has the stop-go effect on the system in Nigeria, if you can see it, folks!
The question is; Has the U.S. this kind of arrangement in their system - old wine in new bottle, as it were?

This is the solution to correct the problems in the jinx created by our Colonial past in Nigeria and indeed Africa!

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