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Chapter 1
Towards disposal of refuse in Nigeria generally; the problems posed - a matter for concern. Page 17
Chapter 2
A Self Sustaining Political Arrangement (No Party System) for Nigeria.(The ward/grass root approach; the Option A-4 Mass Mobilisation and Centre for Democratic Studies critical of the solutions. Read page 40 about New Training Institutions for supervisors for the transfer of technology to prospective Nigerians. Page 21
Chapter 3
How Self Sustaining political Arrangement (No Party System) contrasts with Two Party System. (An emphasis on the grass root approach). Page 46
Chapter 4
Evolving an Ideology for Nigeria. Who can? Probably the origin of the manifestos for the two political parties of 1992/93). Gen. Idiagbon would have done better. Page 49
Chapter 5
Towards a better road construction and accident reduction on Nigeria roads generally. (Needs to be considered very seriously for the anticipated progress for Nigeria). Page 54
Chapter 6
How social/mass mobilisation may contrast with political party formations in the Nigerian setting. (Has a lot influence for the Option A4) Page 59
Chapter 7
Contributions towards the New National Housing policy. (Clearly an aspect of the programmes to be considered very important). Page 70
Chapter 8
For the attention of the Constitution Review Panel. Could have done us good at the presentation; it may still help even now). Page 76
Chapter 9
The building Industry; an X-ray of the factors affecting costs. (Again an importan case for us in Nigeria). ‘Due process’ highlighted in this Chapter. Page 89
Chapter 10
The dangers of the New Ministers and Permanent Secretaries companionships in the Nigerian Civil Service. (Did it help in the changed circumstances no - it introduce corruption galore instead!). Page 100
Chapter 11
Cash-flow problem policy for Nigeria. (Has to do with resource allocation, levelling and as a lubricant (catalyst) or motivation - a hygiene factor for any developed and or developing country). Page 113

ADDENDUM; Forum carpets F.G. over anti-corruption crusade. Page 119

The Justice Oputa Commission scheduled September 2001 - the need for a return to it also in whatever form to prove our maturity to Constitutional matters in the New Constitutional Confab for Nigeria, 2005!  Page 121

Which way Nigeria vis-à-vis the National Conference/Confab whichever is now most appropriate for us!  Page 127

Talking about the ironies in Nigeria - read along!  Page 131

African Economic Programme  Page 140

ZIMBABWE correlates with the U.S. Page 144

What we have not understood about debts and reparations (psychological) for Africans is that when those (leaders) who keep monies and own properties also in Europe and the US die, the entire moneis and the properties ultimately belong to the countries abroad where you have no records of the owners. You discover that in most of the cases, the wives and families of the group involved do not have records or claims to the assets, yet the assets should belong to us in Africa!
The particular countries benefitting from this malaise think of us as fools!

Appendix.  You are required to read this - it had to be inserted here so as not to upset the index numbering adversely. Leadership in Nigeria!   Page 150

A beginning, not an end!  Page 156

Mr. Kuye’s publications ‘Nigeria frustrates me’ - 2005 Page 160

The Igbo man’s participation/exclusion from the post as Head of State in Nigeria so far - an anathema or a ruse!  Page 165

The expectations and the logic in Nigeria vis-à-vis the EVM by INEC.  Page 169

Synopsis  Page 173

EPILOGUE  Page 175

The Appendix Put in here so as to help those in authority and the Africans generally to assess the culpability and or achievements of the people particularly in the part their leaders played for uplifting of the people whilst they were in the corridors of power. Thus, How many of the leaders can rightly hold his/her head up high and claim justification for what they did for people and how enduring in their tenure of office? Page 177

Index Page 178 - 194

For the reason that a lot more facts and figures have had to be inserted lately between the texts like the leaders and appendixes, the index numbers are affected. Therefore the Index should be browsed with patience than with grumble/peevish.

Fortunately the words in the index are of common day usage!

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