This was published first in 1986 and it has the beginning of the changes and reforms for both the economic and political thinking for us in Nigeria. You will find the origin of the Option-A4 for Nigeria in this book in Chapter two. More important is the ban on the erstwhile politicians; how the decision came about.

Published in Nigeria, first time in 1988.
NIGERIA - ISBN 978-2335-28-2;

© V. I. Umenyiora.

Revised in the United Kingdom 2005; ISBN 0-9536127-2-4 to update the contents vis-à-vis the reforms so far and what we still need to do more to enable us move forward economically and politically in Nigeria and Africa indeed!

You will agree with me that a lot has happened in Nigeria since this book was first published. We appear to have not got the right answers yet therefore the recommendations in this book are still valid for application if we truly want to solve the problems that we have in Nigeria.

  • There should be nothing more honourable and satisfying to all burgeoning or nascent Leader-ships in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole than that public matters (enquiries) are seen to be conducted publicly for the people, like the ill-fated Bellview flight 3201 on the 23rd October, the 10th December, Sosoliso crash both in year, 2005 and of course the ADC’s in October 29, 2006; described as one too many - a typical case for Nigeria. Your reputation will be resounding and reverberating through out the country if you get it right. But in the event of failures by you to assure and or guarantee the people of this policy, so as to keep track of the events affecting their well-being (eradicating corruption and or debauchery in the wake) within and outside the country, there will be finger pointing and recriminations of all sorts. The brunt of the failures will sure rest on your shoulders at the end of your term of office. A wake-up call for our leaders!

    The theme of my books is therefore based on this premise for use in Africa, whereby if we do get the foundations right and we are able to sustain them without puncturing them in parts, you’ll be surprised how every other fabrics of the structure will fit into place.

  • I have been reluctant to state this until now, thus; Africans generally appear to have failed to visualise the total benefits (latent really) of reparations if we do get it, for our development. Countries in Europe including Britain and France had reparations paid out to them by Germany together with a Marshal Plan Programme from the U.S. so as to kick-start both their political and economic growths after 1947. Mr. G. Brown, British Chancellor of Exchequer admitted to this in the run-up to the G8 meetings in July 2005 to justify reasons why Africans need one also but surprisingly nothing was said or heard about it (the revelations and or the advocacy for Africa) in the deliberations at the Gleneagles, Scotland. Study the BBC’s Hard Talk 04.36 of 12th July 2006 by Mr. Hilary Benn regarding “weaving debt relief around aid effort” for Africa hence the need for a ‘Progress Panel’ to be Chaired by Mr. Kofi Annan. Failures in Darfur Sudan was raised too! See also Isa Remu’s NUTG Vice, comment on AIT 28/03/008.

Read about Ms. Oprah Winfrey’s gift to South Africa. How many leaders in Africa are so disposed other than to cheat us (pillage) and then deposit our funds in Europe and the US! See page 140.

It appears that they (the Europeans) kept mute to hear from our negotiators - what they really, really wanted. Thus they left the part that mattered most for Africans and they sued for the part that left us even more bereft, folks! See page 132 - 6, ‘We left undone all that we ought to be doing …..!’ In spite #of all the hoo-ha about this matter, we don’t forget that the US did cancel debts owed to it by European countries and not by debt relief. Read page 140, Church of England’s reaction!

The reason for my zoning formula (see page 29) and the one already submitted to the Federal Government you will find is to bring about eventually, a truly constituted or federated representation in the Council of State membership, which is in its present form covertly over representing one side of the country alone - 7 ex-Heads of State and the number of State Governors (19) from Northern Nigeria!

World right reserved, including the right of reproduction of this publication in whole or in part in any form whatsoever without the written permission of the copyright owner.

Set in 11/10/9 pt times, Beanie, Roman and italicised and re-printed in the United Kingdom.

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Nigeria has remained tethered and was once on the brink of collapse in the 60s and 1993. Her illness then almost defied every medicine - every, that is, until this provocative option was offered to the Central Government authorities by the author.

“Nigeria - survival or disintegration”, propounds novel and explosive remedies to reverse our course towards self-annihilation, warning of the menace and threats posed by thuggery, the re-emergence of the so-called Mafia groups or from the demagogues in the North and Delta in Nigeria in the forthcoming Third/Fourth Republic, and importantly the dangers of failures on the part of the Government to effectively enlighten the people through its National Orientation programmes on the rationale of its economic and political policies and the anticipated results.

This controversial document leaves the reader and the Administrations in no doubt that time may be running out on us. That, should the Governments delay much longer in recognising and putting into use the much advocated Mass Transport Programme for Nigeria and meaningful economic palliatives as recommended in this book and the newly published one with 751 pages; recognising also that the citizens of Nigeria need to be remunerated as in other developed or developing countries particularly where they have contributed some kind of financial inputs to the economy, in consonance with its economic restructuring programmes under Civilian Administrations, the inevitable break down in communication between the Governors and the governed could usher in the bloodiest chapter in Nigeria’s already blood-stained saga!

African countries (leaders) and Nigeria with over 100M people then preparing for the procurement of Self Rule, learned first of all, how to use political organisations based largely on tribal and cultural divide, so as to gain power. They had little time and opportunity even now to practice the harder/difficult art of peacefully accepting election results or handing-over power after election defeat - Chief O. Obasanjo proved this possible in Nigeria, 2007. The past leaders visions (Dr. Kwame Nkruma of Ghana and Patrice Lumumba of D.R.C.) and ideas for us were nipped, due to the sorrowfully overbearing recalcitrant military officers interventions devoid of meaningful ideologies for the citizenry in the countries affected. The commanding officers were in power to aggrandise themselves and their cohorts only in most of the cases. Therefore it is now a treasonable felony case in Nigeria to carry out coups. This is part of my reasons for advocating for “No Party Approach” as contained in this book and the next in print titled “How to get at your government and influence it” , for the Nation-States in Africa particularly at the stage of our development presently!

The advantages you gain from ‘No Party’ formations for at least 12 years in your countries would bring you automatically close to the Western type of DEMOCRACY rather than what we are lead (hurried) to practice on the continent thereby letting our resources dwindle and waste by defaults - see the CBN Governor’s address of 29th December 2006 at BUJA. Why not stop the bickering now and re-examine the obvious advantages. After all the US practised it in their own formative years bearing in their minds their historical background. They were predisposed to the system they practice much earlier through this background - please check this out. It is not surprising that they could organise their system so fast and effectively in spite of the size of their population, to guarantee them steady progress to the amazement of the nations from where they came including Britain - the civil war notwithstanding! Reason why I urge you to study my model more closely and critically for the benefit of all of us. Until you can appreciate the ‘germ’ in this approach and adopt it, your efforts to develop both your political and economic advancement will remain tottering in Africa, folks!

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