Aside what is contained in the foregoing preambles here is what the unique contents are for this publication thus:-

1. What the contributions are Page 1
2.Names of those persons with my book Page 7
3.My publications so far use in solving political problems in Nigeria/ Africa indeed Page 9
4.What the authorities need to be doing from my perspective Page 10
5.Correspondence for the Presidency State House Abuja Page 11
6.Speaker of House of Commons United Kingdom Page 11
7.Directorate of Social Mobilisation Page 12
8.The Presidency Republic of South Africa Page 12
9.Prime Minister U.K. regarding NEPAD Page 13
10.Prime Minister and Bill Clinton regarding Reparations for Africa Page 14
11.Presidency Abuja Page 15
12.Commonwealth Office Acknowledgement of political solutions for NigeriaPage 16
13.National Constitution Conference Commission
United Nations acknowledgement on political solutions for Africa
Page 17
14.Central Bank to publish allocations to State Page 18
15.My Option A-4 solution Page 20
16.Consider this euphemismPage 26
17.Office of Special adviser to government
Archbishop of Lagos
Page 27
18.External Affairs Ministry Canada
Central Bank of Nigeria
Page 28
19.House of Commons - Bernie Grant M.P. regarding Reparations
Tonny Benn on Reparations.
Page 29
20.President of Nigeria on politics 17th Dec. 2007 Page 30
21.United Nations on African politics 5th July 1990 and 11th Nov. 2001. It is believed that, to all the staff of U.N.O. from Africa in the political Division of the Organisation, this publication was meant to come within the purview of their authority so as to impact advantageously to all African countries!
Ref. To pages 31 of “The Home grown…..” and on 126 of “How to get at your..”
Page 32
22.The World Bank - the same influence as above Page 32
23.Secretary General U.N.O. 6th Feb. 2006 Page 33
24.Chief Olusegun Obasanjo; G.C.F.R., The President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, 18th July 2006.Page 34
25.New proposal for Economic model Page 36
26.Zooma Rock and its splendour.Page 38
27.President Goodluck E. Jonathan and Obama in the Oval Office Page 40
28.Chinese influence for AfricaPage 41
29.Highways in Nigeria Benin to Shagamu how to tackle the problems Page 44
30.Blame Jonathan for insecurity - OBJ - 2nd Jan. 2013 Page 46

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