Unless you’re privy to the formation conceptually of a model you’re most likely going to be fishing ( trial and error ) about what it is all about!

It is not surprising that INEC failed woefully in Nigeria in 2007; consider the cost - the Chairman admits in BEN tv interview moderated by Mr. Bola Ogba in spite of his claims and bluff ( expertise/stardom ) to matters regarding electioneerring, they will adopt Option A-4’s after-vote-count approach in future elections. This admission is very significant to the debates in Nigeria once you are familiar with how the ‘option’ evolved for Nigeria, in the first place. See pages 20 – 22. The question is hereby popped; Where was Prof. Maurice Iwu, a pharmacologist, in 1988 – 93 when Nigeria needed solutions (most) to the political impasse; what contributions did he offer then? Part of the ironies in Nigeria - you develop an idea and somebody else is called in to expand it. What he did in Nigeria simply is, attempt to apply the already existing election equipment ( tech. ) to part of the problems we have and not the solution about electioneering in Nigeria, folks! Option A-4 ( 1993 ) is still the answer, until!

President Yar’Adua in Dec. 28th 2007 proposed a new accountability procedures for Ministries in Nigeria.
Vice President and Deputy Governors; why not they become assigned to take charge of the spending and the auditing of these bodies jointly with the Ministries?

The above was sent to the Ag. Minister, Federal Ministry of Finance, Mosaic House, Tinubu Sq., Lagos on 1st February 1995 and Minister, Information Youth and Culture, 15 Awolowo Way, Ikoyi, Lagos was copied the same date. See page 97 of my main book and the ‘Model’ I proffered in my publication, meant to enhance the quality and size of Senate membership!

African countries (the leaders particularly Patrice E. Lumumba of D.R.C ) and Nigeria with over 100M people preparing for the procurement of Self Rule in the 50s, learned first of all, how to use political organisation based largely on tribal and cultural divide, so as to gain (wrestle) power from their Colonial Governments. They had little time and opportunity - patient - then and even now to practice the harder art of peacefully conducting and accepting election results or handing-over power after election defeat - Chief O. Obasanjo made the bold attempt in Nigeria in 2007. Earlier attempts were made in Tanzania, Zambia and in Ghana too.

The past leaders (in Nigeria, Ghana and Patrice E. Lumumba of DR C.) visions and ideas for us in Africa were dastardly nipped, due to the sorrowfully overbearing recalcitrant, poorly motivated and ill advised military officers’ interventions devoid of any meaningful ideologies for the citizenry in the countries affected. The commanding officers and the politicians used by the military to advise them were in power to aggrandise themselves and their cohorts (IN IT NOT TO WIN, as in the acclaimed WESTERN DEMOCRACY, BUT TO NICK IT) only, in most of the interventions we witnessed. Therefore, it is now regarded as a treasonable felony matter in Nigeria, for example, to carry out or organise a coup de-tat. This is part of my reasons for advocating for “No Party Approach - derived, in fact, from US early political formations history as contained in my book ‘Nigeria - survival or disintegration?’ and the other one titled “How to get at your government and influence it - with 751 pages”, for the Nation-States in Africa particularly at the stage of our development! The implosion in Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe in 2007 and 8 elections clearly exemplifies my observation - i. e. in elections not to win but to nick or fix it, folks! My book proffered use of EVM for Nigeria!

My inspiration is borne out of combined mystic [clairvoyance] and the motivation derived from President J. F. Kennedy’s philosophy or thinking; i.e. ‘Think not of what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country also”; and moreover, from my Grammar School Motto - Non Sibi Sed Aliis( Not only for us but for others too ).

The quatation above did not recommend plagiarism of a citizen’s literary work without consultation with the copyright owner and or compensation for his work, folks!

The political petitions going on in Nigeria need not be the case if they had followed strictly the much sheaper recommendations in my books, as a matter of fact. Read CANDID Magazine, Nigeria of November 2006 pages 20 – 23 and the follow-up in 2007. It no doubt underpinned the Presidential election of 2007, folks!
See (k) and (n) on page 6; also (s) on page 7. Think about the words 'repository' and 'swankyness' in my Model!

The challenge in all of these is to help us get out of the seemingly socio-economic and political quagmire we are bedeviled with if we are really predisposed to do so earlier or within the 2020 expectation. Your rulers to show what they can do for you and not as cheats/profligates in the whole gamut of leadership Institution!

As you read through the publications, please think about the dates of the contacts to the authorities and what might have or could be of us in Nigeria and Africa as a whole if you consider the Home Grown Model in the pack also, folks!

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